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Wild Olive Company LLC has been trading for the last 15 years, and is proud of its record of quality and customer satisfaction. Having begun in Tuscany working with a handful of esteemed ceramic manufacturers supplying the UK and the USA, it was decided to move our operational base to the United States in order to achieve more productive customer relations with out main client base.

After spending considerable time alongside Tuscan ceramic makers, we realized that quality, not quantity was the key essential ingredient needed for successful distribution. Numerous visits to museums, exhibitions and factories resulted in developing a link with a family business whose ceramic making history could be traced through generations of artisan expertise. This family have the experience to be able to produce hand prepared ceramic artifacts our customers desire. Their knowledge and intuitive feel for ceramics would prove invaluable in increasing our range of artifacts and developing glazes and antiquing techniques to enhance them. We are in constant communication with 'our family' of artisans and visit them several times a year in order to discuss and develop new ideas, and possible improvements to our current collections.

Wild Olive Company LLC is committed to providing top quality hand made ceramic items at competitive prices to the homes and gardens throughout the world. We hope you take time to peruse our product range, and we sincerely encourage you to ask others their opinion of our beautiful, hand prepared Tuscan Ceramics.

Why Tuscan Ceramic?

For us, the answer lies in history. Etruria, an ancient country of central Italy, lay between the River Arno and Tiber, covers the area today known as Tuscany. The Etruscan civilization was extremely advanced and greatly influenced the Roman culture and style.

Florence is credited as being the birth place of the Renaissance, boasting the names of Da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo, and many more who have influenced science and art. During this wonderful period, ceramic ideology and creativity brought a new perspective to ornamentation for practical artifacts that had previously been functional with painted decoration.

The ideas and trends practiced in this period are still used today, and the art of creating them has been passed down through generations. 16th Century museum pieces are replicated regularly with artisans trying to produce the same original styles and colors.

Just holding these ceramic pieces, digesting the weight, texture and depth of color, gives rise to a love of quality and appreciation of skill that we strive to replicate and provide for our valued customers.

‘Experience 16th Century Italian culture through Wild Olive Company’